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   أحمـد عبد البــــاســط رجـــوب  

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Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a young country dense with history, a well traveled bridge between sea and desert, East and West.

Above the layers of antiquity, discover a land of mesmerizing beauty: the Jordan Valley, fertile, inventive, ever changing, and remote desert wadis, immense and still. Here are little known desert castles, the haunting wilderness of Wadi Rum, Red Sea coral, restful spas, and monuments from every age of humanity, crowned by the rock carved city of Petra.

    Experience, too, the modern Jordan, founded by King Abdullah in the wake of World War 1.

The late King Hussein, Abdullah's grandson, has ruled as constitutional monarch since 1952 - 1999, achieving a remarkable measure of peace, stability, and economic growth.

Now The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein The Young & Dynamic King.

Business and the arts are thriving, and you will find first rate hotels, restaurants, galleries, and shops.

Above all, as a privileged and honored guest, you will delight in the unrivaled hospitality of the Jordanian people.


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