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Jordanian window ; The agenda 21 of Economics and Administrative Development

Jordan Local Agenda 21 (LA21)


This   book  was   published in 2003 dealing with various topic related to the strong economic fundamentals of the Jordaniann economy, the restoration of macroeconomic stability, and the progress in the restructuring of financial and corporate sectors will provide the policy makers with greater policy flexibility to sustain economic recovery.

The main chapters which I have dealt  with are  as  follows:

  • 1.To broach sustainable development issues and LA 21 with local communities and private sector.
  • To emphasize that achieving sustainable development is the responsibility of all stakeholders.
  • To formulate LA 21 Strategies and Action Plans to address local sustainable development issues.
  • 4.To actualize LA21 Action Plans through sustainable development programs and activities.
  • 5.It is important for the LA21 should manifest itself through physical programs for their benefits .
  • 6.The Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Committee.
  • 7.Roles of  LA21 Committees.
  • 8.Improving corporate governance framework and practices.

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