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   أحمـد عبد البــــاســط رجـــوب  

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Key Qualifications:                  


q     Qualified Engineer and Water Specialist with (30+) years experience in the Water and Waste Sector both in Jordan and the region

q     Solid experience in process of privatization and unbundling issues for public water and wastewater utilities “Abu Dhabi water and electricity authority” (ADWEA).

q     Extensive management, leadership and consultancy experience in institutional strengthening and both Private Sector Participation and Public Private Participation (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company ADDC).

q     Overall responsibility for the direction and day-to-day operation management of the Abu Dhabi Water Distribution utility (ADDC). managing over  760 staff members to serve 1.3 million population.

q     Leading a team of financial and commercial management expert (Mackenzi and company, Deloitte and Touche)-ADWEA and ADDC.

q     Working with a team of expert to prepare the strategic plan for improving water utility efficiency in Abu Dhabi emirate (ADWEA)

q     Managing ADDC utilities master plan for both water and electricity regarding capital investment projects and assets management

q     Managing several water and sanitation projects with a capital cost of about 300 MUSD (Water trunk mains, subsidiaries, public roads widening, relocations of water mains, pump stations, treated wastewater reuse   and RO systems)

q     Leading the implementation of business enabling systems like ERP solutions and modelling, KPIs, starting from process re-engineering and change management taking into consideration financial plans and revenues to increase both Human and financial resources.(KAHRAMAA- state of Qatar)

q     Developing policies and procedures of handling water projects, procurement and contracts, tendering cycles and life cycle projects.

q     Report implementation progress to ADDC board of water line business, initiatives in the company in a swift manner, improving service delivery, work performance, enhancing value added investment and performance improvement through total cost of operation reduction.

q     Developing ADDC business plan for the years 2000-2002 covering:

o       Budget forecast

o       Business mission and vision

o       Service delivery

o       Reducing operational costs

o       Increasing revenue through improving collections and billing systems

q     Presenting ADDC in Abu Dhabi municipality for higher technical committee, international conferences and seminars and UAE federal environmental association

q     Overall responsibility for the direction and day-to-day management of the Northern Governorates Water Administration (NGWA) employing 1760 people and serving 1.5 million population

q     Experienced in the design and construction of water and waste water treatment plants and comprehensive knowledge of engineering and operational requirements

q     Extensive project management experience including cultivating effective links with stakeholders.

q     Wide knowledge of environmental aspects and their application to projects from a solid technical base, involved with planning and managing the transformation of public water services to a privatised provider.

q     As Chairman of the Executive Management Board, responsible for delivering strategy and policy for NGWA and guiding organisation development including organisation structure design and implementation

q     Experienced in the strategic planning of networks and consequent asset management and maintenance.

q     PSP - planning and management of the privatization and transformation of public water services sectors. As a privatized (or public) water services provider, assuring the safe and continuous delivery of potable “domestic”, commercial” bulk”, recycled “treated”, agricultural and industrial water supply to end users at all community levels.

q     Experienced Projects Leader including supervision and execution of large capital investments.

q     Customer satisfaction

§         Guaranteeing quantity and quality of water delivered

§         Continuity and reliability of service

§         Expanding area served

§         Service quality.

§         Environnemental protection

§         Improving Customer Relations


q     Good knowledge of Environment Impact Assessments and forward planning skills

q     Leadership skills in sustainability and growing an organization by developing and building a cordial relationship with every one.

q     Staff Utilization and managerial skills To enforce group values as follows:

§         Professionalism.

§         Indicate the partnership team spirit value creation.

§         Develop group know-how and synergies -for the benefit of our customers.

§         Indicate the availability of trained people.

§         Indicate the performance of more creativity and orientation to targets.

§         More involvement in decision making process.

§         Better job satisfaction to match with employee job description.

§         Managing skills and competencies as under:

·        a-Reinforces the department structure.

·        b-Provides mobility between jobs. 

·        C-Maximizing the potential for all staff

q      Experienced in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to adapt the industry leading practice business model.(State of Qatar)

q     Experienced in  implementing an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to achieve the following objectives:

§         transform and automate the existing core and support business processes.

§         adapt industry leading practices 

§         provide management with accurate and up-to-date information regarding enterprise-wide and departmental performance and 

§         facilitate the shift from a government organization into a cost conscious private organization.

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