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Window 2000 for Water Distribution 


This  consist of following  items:


Sets our the procedures  for routine works and  Management  of Water Distribution aspects dealing with  complains, shortage of water,  pollution control and quality control.

Operation and Maintenance

Deals with the Operation and Maintenance of all the Water Distribution Networks such as repairing of pipes,  flushing of water lines and leak detection, etc. and annual maintenance  programme  for all  lines.

Water  Projects

The Project Section handles the Projects Management which includes preparation of the Contract Specification  and  Supervision of Water Project Works, etc.

Asset Management

Ensures that Security standards for all aspects of water distribution  such  as Distribution Standards, operational  and maintenance standards  and Water Quality are maintained.  Also maintains the Record Bureau  and   liason with  Field customers services  Section  for  clearances, etc.  Maintains  and updates the  Network Records & Assets Data Base.

Field Customer Services

Handles all matters concerning connections for water supply for customers.  Interacts  with customers, architects, engineers, developers and contractors  for the water needs.  Provides Tanker Water for  areas without water network and for   emergency purposes. Responsible for Water Metering and  disconnection of services,etc. 

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